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What kind of junk is that cutting fluid you use?

1. Emulsions

It is a seemingly milk-like liquid, the basic particles are water-in-oil or oil-in-water particles, because it contains a lot of oil, and anaerobic bacteria favorite food is oil, so the bacteria in this system is very easy to multiply, so the emulsion is easy to deteriorate and stink, this time can not be used, it becomes "garbage", we can only think of ways to deal with this "garbage".

Many of our friends didn't know how to dispose of the emulsion before, so they just discharged it!


This is a big mistake, this emulsion if discharged directly will cause a lot of pollution, you can imagine what it is like to discharge hundreds of kilograms of spoiled yogurt directly into the river.

Nowadays, people's civilian waste has to be classified, and unreasonable classification will be punished, not to mention industrial products. So how do you classify emulsions? For those who use emulsions, it is almost impossible to dispose of them directly by yourself.

Either the factory to buy a set of expensive emulsion treatment equipment (long-term effect is not good, after treatment still can not be discharged); or hire a professional company to recycle, this time you have to pay a high recycling fee. Although the above two methods are expensive, but this is the most reasonable way.

2. semi-synthetic cutting fluid

In layman's terms, this cutting fluid looks very similar to an emulsion, and its main difference is that it contains much less oil, but still contains 20-30% oil. Because of the low oil content, it can last for a longer period of time with the cooperation of biocides before it spoils. However, deterioration is still inevitable, and once deteriorated, it will face the same problems as emulsions.

3. full synthetic cutting fluid

This type of cutting fluid, the system does not contain a drop of oil. Bacteria are not easy to reproduce, even if the machine tool equipment leaks oil into the system, the general full synthetic cutting fluid also has an oil-water separation mechanism, miscellaneous oil floating on the surface. The service life is much stronger than emulsions and semi-synthetic cutting fluids. With the development of science and technology in recent years, the lubrication and antirust performance of full synthetic cutting fluid has been rapidly improved, even more than other types of cutting fluid.

Even if a long time, impurities into too much, full synthetic cutting fluid has become a "garbage" bad use, processing is also very simple, sit still for a period of time, skim off the upper floating, filter out the bottom solid scraps, and can be taken to use.

In the end, if you can't use it, you can hire an environmental protection company to handle it.



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