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Why Choose Us?

1. Short Delivery.

Within 3 days. All  CNC tools will be sent to our shipping agent within 3 days except customized tools.

2. Cheap Shipping Cost.

Our forwarder has good relationship with big express companies(DHL, FEDEX, UPS..), they are experienced in international shipments. Approximately 30% savings in shipping costs through the response of our regular customers.

3. No or few transfer cost.

We will not charged any costs by TT transfer. You only pay for your bank charge for transferring out and Inter-transaction commission. In addition, we also accept Western Union or Paypal ect.

4. Quality Controlled.

Our quality of CNC Tools are stable because we have a professional QC department for quality control and monitoring. We accept free returns in case of any quality problems.

5. Quick response.

We will feedback to you within 24 hours if any message sent to my mail jacky@cncnctools.com. If anything inquiry urgently, please contact my TEL/ Whatsapp +8614714816052.


Contact: Jacky Wang

Phone: +86 14714816052

Tel: +86 14714816052

Email: jacky@cncnctools.com

Add: Floor 1, Shixi Industrial area, Canton, Guangdong, China. 510288

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