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CN CNC TOOLS was founded in 2010 and has been based on technical services since its inception.

Guangzhou CN CNC TOOLS Co., ltd is a long term supplier of cutting tools manufacturer. The main business of the company is all kinds of Collets, chucks as well as Carbide Inserts and milling cutters. The company's products are used in almost all machinery manufacturing industries such as automobile, motorcycle, diesel engine, aerospace, military, engineering machinery, mining machinery, machine tools, electric motors, turbines, heavy machinery, wind power, nuclear power, general machinery, cell phone communication, etc.


Lathe Collet, Guide Bushes, Sleeve, Bar feeder, Collet Chuck.
Steel tools
Turning tools, milling Cutters, drilling tools and tool system
The tungsten carbide products
For steel,For Stainless steel,For cast iron,For Aluminium
Milling inserts, Carbide end mill, Carbide drills.


Contact: Jacky Wang

Phone: +86 14714816052

Tel: +86 14714816052

Email: jacky@cncnctools.com

Add: Floor 1, Shixi Industrial area, Canton, Guangdong, China. 510288

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