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Alloy guide sleeve supplier introduces the definition of precision hardware

Precision hardware refers to the hardware processing category in the hardware industry with high precision requirements, which is a subdivision of the general hardware industry, generally refers to hardware workpiece with precision requirements within 0.05mm.

Refers to machine parts or components made from hardware, as well as some small hardware items. Alloy guide sleeve suppliers tell everyone that it can be used alone or as an aid. Examples include hardware tools, hardware parts, household hardware, construction hardware, and security supplies. Small hardware products are mostly not end products. It is used for industrial manufacturing, semi-finished products, tools for production processes, etc. Only a small percentage of daily hardware products (accessories) are necessary for people's lives in the tool category.

Alloy guide sleeve supplier introduces the processing process of precision hardware.

One is to open the material according to the production needs, after opening some parts such as small parts production can go to the punching machine and then the gong cutting or CNC processing. This is a lot in the production of eyewear accessories, auto parts. The container is made to open the material punch to go to welding, then sanding and then spraying oil, then assembling the parts can be shipped. And for small parts there is a lot of sanding, plating or oiling. It is then welded or screwed together and packaged for shipping.



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