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How to choose a CNC tools

The following aspects should be considered in the selection of tools for CNC machines.


(1) Select the cutting tool according to the cutting performance of the part material. For example, for turning or milling high-strength steel, titanium alloy, stainless steel parts, it is recommended to choose indexable carbide tools with good wear resistance.

(2) Select the tool according to the machining stage of the part. The roughing stage is to remove the margin, so you should choose a tool with good rigidity and low accuracy. The semi-finishing and finishing stage is to ensure the machining accuracy and product quality of the parts as the first principle, so should choose high durability and high accuracy of the tool. The precision of the tools used in the roughing stage is low, while the precision of the tools used in the finishing stage is high. If the same tool is used for both processes, it is recommended to use a tool that has been eliminated from the finishing process for roughing.

(3) The selection of tools and geometric parameters according to the characteristics of the machining area. In the part structure allows the case should be selected large diameter, long diameter ratio of small tools; cutting thin-walled, ultra-thin-walled parts over the center of the end edge of the milling cutter should have sufficient centripetal angle to reduce the cutting force of the tool and cutting parts. When machining aluminum, copper and other soft material parts should choose a slightly larger front corner of the vertical milling cutter, and the number of teeth should not exceed 4 teeth.



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