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17 Key Milling Application Tips

1. Power capacity

Check the power capacity and rigidity of the machine to ensure that the machine is capable of using the required milling cutter diameter.

2. workpiece stability

Workpiece Clamping Conditions and Considerations. 3.

3. Overhang

Machining so that the tool overhang on the spindle is as short as possible.

4. Select the correct milling cutter tooth pitch.

Use the correct milling cutter tooth spacing for the process to ensure that there are not too many inserts involved in the cut, which can cause vibration.

5. cutter chatter

For narrow workpieces or clearance milling, make sure there is adequate insert feed. 6.

6 Insert groove selection

Use positive rake indexable inserts whenever possible to ensure a smooth cutting action and minimum power consumption. 7.

7. use the correct feed

Ensure the correct feed of the inserts used to achieve the correct cutting action by using the recommended maximum chip thickness.

8. cutting direction

Whenever possible, use straight milling.

9. parts considerations

Workpiece material and configuration, as well as the quality requirements of the surface to be machined.

10. blade material selection

Select the groove and material according to the type of workpiece material and the type of application.

11 Vibration-damping milling cutters

For longer overhangs of more than four times the tool diameter, the tendency to vibrate becomes more pronounced and the use of damping tools can significantly increase productivity.

12 Main Offset Angle

Select the most appropriate primary offset angle.

13. milling cutter diameter

Select the correct diameter for the width of the workpiece.

14. milling cutter position

Position the milling cutter correctly.

15. cutting in and out of the milling cutter.

As can be seen, with circular cutting, the chip thickness on retreat is always zero, allowing for higher feeds and longer tool life.

16 Coolant

Use the coolant only when it is deemed necessary. In general, milling can be performed better without coolant.

17. Maintenance

Follow tool maintenance recommendations and monitor tool wear.



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