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Our History

Our factory located in Foshan near Guangzhou. About 10000m³ with more than 20 pcs of CNC Turning and Milling machine. We are able to provide more than 10,000pcs of Collets and Guide Bushes, 100,000 pcs of Carbide Inserts and some other tools. Our Tools are hot sale in Europe, Asia, Australia ect. We have more than 500 customers who cooperate with us more than 5 years.

We have more than 20 sales and 200 workers who work more than 2 years. We have participated in Hanover, Germany exhibition, Canton Fair or other exhibition.

Our CNC Equipment are below:

Closed Cycle Spray Drying Tower Type BP-25

Puddle Mixer: Type300 

Agiecharmilles 5 Axis CNC Center

High-End Zoller Tool Detector


Contact: Jacky Wang

Phone: +86 14714816052

Tel: +86 14714816052

Email: jacky@cncnctools.com

Add: Floor 1, Shixi Industrial area, Canton, Guangdong, China. 510288

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