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There are several reasons why machining centers bump cutters, do you know them all?

There are several reasons why machining centers bump cutters.

1、Spindle tool change point position error or error.

2、Spindle orientation error.

3、Knife magazine mechanical jaws are not opened normally.

4, tool magazine signal error output resulting in tool program confusion.

5, other interference signals caused by machine tool program confusion.

The common collision tool phenomenon is summarized in the following categories.

First, due to programming errors caused by the phenomenon of collision tooling.

The second is caused by the machine parameter setting error caused by the phenomenon of crashing tool.

Third, due to improper operation of the machine caused by the phenomenon of collision tooling.

Three CNC machining to prevent the phenomenon of crash tooling in several countermeasures

After the above analysis, CNC machining in the phenomenon of collision tool have its direct cause, according to the common reasons for collision tool, combined with practical operating experience, is proposed the following countermeasures.

1, in the beginning of the program first tool radius compensation cancellation instruction, tool length compensation cancellation instruction, fixed cycle cancellation instruction to eliminate and prevent system problems, in the CNC milling machine Z to the use of G01 linear feed instruction graded cutter, easy to observe, such as the following reference program.


g90 g40 g49 g80

G91 G28 Z0

g90 g00 g54 x0 y0 f100

G01 Z150




M03 S1000.....

2, to prevent the collision tool, first of all, must master the machine programming points, know the trajectory of the tool, in the trial process, at the beginning of the tool away, the speed hit the slowest, at any time to see the remaining movement, mastered this, as long as the eye fast, it will greatly reduce the human failure.

3, when the start and end of the program, the multiplier to be adjusted to 0, in order to see the program and the location of the tool and then give the multiplier, debugging program fast feed to be adjusted to the slowest gear, the best hand does not leave the feed to keep, to develop a good habit of looking after walking, this will reduce the occurrence of accidents.

4, develop good operating habits and strict management of the CNC process, it is necessary to specialize in special machines. If the machine has a protective lock, then the best time to leave the person locked, for the software to set up a good read and write parameters.

5, in the debugging program processing the first workpiece must be carefully checked when the program, trial run single-stage operation, at any time to control the feed rate, at any time to see the remaining stroke, processing should be simulated before running a single-stage run, and then formal processing. See if there is no accidental tool path appears, once the error, rapid emergency stop.

6, the tool fill value symbol must not be wrong, the tool table must be set correctly, in line with the actual.

7, each use of G76 fixed cycle or replace the use of the fixed cycle tool, should pay attention to check the spindle orientation after the direction of the tool tip and requirements are consistent. If the machining process occurs in the incorrect direction of the tool tip, will damage the workpiece, tool or even the machine.

8, to take full advantage of the machine's protective features and self-test function, the operator should be cautious.



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