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Applications and types of lathe Collets for CNC machine

Collet suppliers introduce the definition of a collet on a CNC lathe

The precision of the CNC lathe chuck is guaranteed. The precision of the walking tool can be guaranteed within 0.01-0.015, and the sectional heat treatment can extend the service life of the chuck, with good wear resistance and advanced self-extension technology.

Collet suppliers introduce the use of collets on CNC lathes

CNC lathe chuck application: Widely used in all kinds of CNC, instrument lathe, automatic lathe, etc.

Collet suppliers introduce the types of collets for CNC lathes

1、High precision spindle chuck, backhaul chuck, guide sleeve, feeder clamps for automatic lathe.

2、High precision spindle chuck, back shaft chuck, guide sleeve, feeder material chuck with bore square, hexagonal and other shaped parts.

3、High-precision spindle chuck with eccentric amount, back shaft chuck.

4、High-precision spindle chuck with elongated apex and back chuck.

5、Non-standard drawing and custom-made high precision collet.

6, (chuck) bore has round hole, square, hexagon, shaped, spring steel, carbide, as well as standard concentric, shaped eccentric (chuck), etc.

7、The ordinary grade accuracy 0.005MM and the high precision grade HP grade 0.003MM series.



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