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Features of CNC milling machines and machining centers, introduction of tools

A, CNC milling machine and machining center process characteristics

1、CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine according to its spindle position is divided into three categories: vertical, horizontal, vertical and horizontal two-use milling machine.

Number of axes controlled by CNC system: 2.5-, 3-, 4- and 5-axis simultaneous milling machines.

2、Processing Center

According to the different positions of its spindle is divided into three categories: vertical, horizontal, vertical and horizontal double-use, double column machining center.

By type of tool change: with robot, without robot, turret tool magazine machining center

II: Tool and process characteristics

2、Face milling cutter

Large chip space, smooth chip discharge, high processing efficiency

Roughing and fine tooth structure with different strengths to meet different processing conditions

High-precision, long-life cutter body

Optimized groove and grade for high removal rate cutting

Tough carbide pads and self-aligning inserts for safe and easy tooling.

High efficiency and surface finish in combination with a high degree of polishing efficiency

Good versatility

3、Combined carbide tools

4、There are a total of 7 drill bits: NC centering drill, step drill, twist drill, internal cold twist drill, triple edge drill, straight slot drill, center drill.

5、Tungsten carbide end mills

6、Carbide reamer

7、Threaded tool

Series 4201, 4202, 4605, 4606, 4551 - thread machining of holes

Third, the numerical control system function

1. g90 g80 g40 g17 g49 g21.

Function: initialization state setting.

Where: G90 - absolute value mode.

G80 - Cancellation of fixed cycles.

G40 - eliminates tool radius compensation.

G17 - Select xy plane.

G49 - Cancellation of tool length compensation.

G21 - Metric Unit Input Selection

2、M Function

Prescripts: Prescripts are executed at the same time as move instructions in the same program segment.

(W) and post-command code

Post-command code: execute the movement instruction after the same segment is executed.

3、F function - fz(mm/min)

Feeding speed vf = fz × z × n; (milling machines, machining centers)

4、S function - r/min

5. T-function

(1) The knife change command is

Robot-less type tool change method:--Fixed tool number type

M06 T02; (spindle with tool back in magazine first, then rotate to No. 2 and attach No. 2 to spindle)

With robot type tool change method:- No fixed tool number type


T01; (#1 knife turned to knife change position)


M06 T03; (replace tool #1 on spindle and turn tool #3 to tool change position)


M06 T04; (replace cutter #3 on the spindle and turn cutter #4 to the tool change position)


M06; (swap #4 cutter onto spindle)

(2) The Z-axis returns first to the machine's origin and the Y-axis must return to the second reference point (with robotic tool change).


G91 G28 Z0.

G30 Y0.

M06 T03.


G91 G28 Z0.

G30 Y0.

M06 T04.


G91 G28 Z0.

G30 Y0.

M06 T05.




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