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What is a spade drill?

Basic Properties:

Insert material: carbide

Machining material: 42CrMo

Machining diameter: 22.3mm

Machining depth: 100mm

Machining parameters: Speed 1428r/min

Feed 0.3mm/r

Line speed 100m/min.

Application conditions:

1、According to the requirements of the equipment and the material to be processed select the matching S-drill and cutting parameters.

2、The use of the S-drill must meet the water pressure of 10KG or more.

3、Ensure that the screws are in a locked position before use.

4. Avoid violent impacts when aligning the machining centre.

Why choose our spade drills

01. High production efficiency with 0.15-0.4mm/r feed rate.

02. up to IT9 accuracy routinely on rigid equipment and up to IT8 accuracy when conditions are better.

03. drilling roughness up to Ra6.3-3.2 on highly rigid equipment.

04. stable V-plus-cylinder clamping structure.

05. on-line quick change of inserts, eliminating the need for pre-adjustment, compensation and tool setting.

06. chip breaking for most materials.

07. With self-centering function.



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