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Metal cleaner, rust remover, rust inhibitor, electroplating solution, chemical plating solution, cutting fluid, polishing solution formula complete

Surface treatment of metals is an important guarantee and measure to obtain a good quality protective layer and to extend the service life of products. The common metal surface treatment techniques are as follows.

(1) Pickling and passivation: the metal parts are immersed in pickling and passivation solution until the surface of the workpiece becomes a uniform silver-white, that is, to complete the process, not only simple, but also inexpensive, pickling and passivation solution can be recycled repeatedly.

(2) Electrolytic polishing: electrolytic polishing, also known as electrochemical polishing, refers to the workpiece on the energized solution to improve the metal workpiece, the workpiece is not only easy to operate, but also inexpensive, pickling passivation solution can be recycled repeatedly. The process of polishing the surface to make it smooth and shiny. Almost all metals can be electrolytic polished, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper alloys, nickel alloys, etc., but stainless steel is the most expensive. The most widely used. The combination of positive and negative currents and electrolytic polishing solution improves the micro-geometry of the metal surface and reduces the surface roughness. (1) The surface of the workpiece is smooth and bright.

(3)Degreasing and rust removal: For the oil and rust stains on the surface of the workpiece, generally before the passivation treatment or electrolytic polishing treatment, we can remove the oil and rust stains on the surface of the workpiece. It needs to be cleaned. According to the different processing conditions of the workpiece, can choose neutral degreasing agent, stainless steel cleaner.

(4) Chemical polishing treatment: no equipment, just immerse the metal parts into the chemical polishing fluid to the surface of bright as new can be completed. Process. Such as copper chemical polishing, aluminum chemical polishing.

(5) electroplating treatment: This is the traditional use of the most selected process, such as chromium plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, etc., but electroplating is not environmentally friendly.

(6) Chemical treatment: including blackening treatment, phosphating treatment.

In addition, metal surface treatment technology also includes metal surface modification, also known as surface optimization, is the use of ion beam, laser, plasma and other new technologies and means to change the material surface and near the surface of the components, structure and properties, so as to obtain the use of traditional metallurgy and surface treatment techniques can not be obtained with the new thin layer of material, or to make traditional materials with better performance.

Modern advanced surface modification technology is mainly physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma chemical vapor deposition (PCVD), ion injection and ion beam deposition.

Metal surface treatment agent is a general term for chemical agents used for various treatments of metal surfaces. There are many types of metal surface treatment agents, generally referring to the treatment of the surface of the material to achieve the desired effect after the treatment. There are different classifications depending on the material.



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