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How to order Carbide Inserts from CN CNC TOOLS

CN CNC TOOLS has been producing Carbide Inserts for turning, milling, grooving and threading for almost 5 years or more. Recently very many new people have asked how to buy your Carbide Inserts to replace other brands (our Carbide Inserts are of very consistent quality and are only about half the price of the well-known brands). Now I will tell you how to differentiate.

Material Properties of Turning Inserts.jpg

For workpiece material Normal Steel ( HRC<40 ), we suggest using our popular grade CCT801/CCT803 because the performance is nearly 95% Korloy/ Mitsubishi. If need better grade for Steel with more than 60% tool life, please choose CCT845/CCT855/CCT865 which is nearly the same as Iscar/ Taegutec etc.

Material Properties of Turning Inserts1.jpg

Material Properties of Turning Inserts2.jpg

For Workpiece material Stainless Steel and Super Hard Steel, we suggest choose CCT901/CCT908. If need better performance, please choose CCT225/ CCT230/ CCT235 ( The grade is very good performance for Super Hard Steel ).

Material Properties of Turning Inserts3.jpg

For Alunimum and Non-ferrous metals, we suggest test our CCT600. It is the most hot sale grade in our company.

Finally. If there is any queries for Inserts, Please feel free to contact my mail jacky@cncnctools.com or Whatsapp ( Wechat/ Skype ): +86 14714816052. Hope to hear from you.



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