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Do you use precise lubrication correctly in machine tool remanufacturing?

In machine tool remanufacturing, the powerful functions of the CNC system are used to achieve differentiated timing, rationing and self-diagnosis of lubrication faults in multi-path lubrication lines. To achieve energy saving and environmental protection and to improve maintenance efficiency.


The remanufacturing of old machine tools, and traditional machine tool overhaul has a fundamental difference, it is a full use of modern technology, information technology, CNC and automation technology, green manufacturing technology, at a very small cost to the use of the value of the old machine tool innovative redesign, remanufacturing, so that after the remanufacturing of the machine tool in the degree of automation, professionalism, processing accuracy and production efficiency can be greatly improved on the process, this process is currently popular in the international machine tool remanufacturing.


With this idea in mind, we have carried out a very successful all-round CNC remanufacturing of a used machine, a Berthiez vertical cylindrical grinding machine from France. In this remanufacturing process, we used the powerful functions of the Siemens 828D CNC system to make precise lubrication attempts on the original machine's lubrication system with high efficiency, timed and quantitatively on demand, under different operating procedures.


1. Introduction to the Berthier vertical cylindrical grinding machine


As shown in Figure 1, the machine is a vertical single-column, moving beam and double grinding head internal and external cylindrical grinding machine. The original machine used a unified oil supply method with no choice and no monitoring in the lubricant circuit design.

The biggest drawbacks of such an unified and unified approach to oil supply are.

Uniform lubrication to temporarily inactive parts are also undergoing forced lubrication, which causes a lot of waste of lubricant.

Over-lubrication makes it difficult to recover and dispose of oil after use. It also causes contamination of the working environment and expensive special grinding fluids.

From the disassembly of the moving parts analysis that, in the state of no monitoring, due to the failure of the lubrication pump, moving parts of the lubricating oil pipe rupture, oil distributor damage and other invisible faults can not be found in time, has caused the sliding guide side of the friction between each other due to no lubricating oil isolation caused by increased resistance, wear and tear, and thus further cause local strain and ablation of the guide, thus seriously affecting the geometric accuracy and processing precision of the machine tool.


2. Remanufacturing effect

Compared with the traditional lubrication method, the precise lubrication and monitoring implemented under the efficient management of the CNC system significantly reduces the total demand for lubricating oil in the full life of the machine, effectively saving the cost of the machine, but also significantly reduces the double trouble of recycling and processing of lubricating oil after use, reducing the pollution of the operating environment and grinding fluid, with obvious environmental effects. At the same time, the invisible fault will be revealed in a digital way in time to avoid the phenomenon of blindly looking for and guessing the leakage point in the machine's drag chain when a lubrication failure occurs. It also provides important technical support to improve maintenance efficiency. At the same time, it also effectively avoids major equipment accidents caused by the failure to detect such invisible faults as lubricant leaks, which cause damage and ablation of the rail sub-deviation.

The development of the CNC system has made its control range and capabilities increasingly powerful, which brings a new design space for the design of new CNC machines, the remanufacturing of old machines. This lubricant road remanufacturing, let us taste the on-demand precision lubrication in the actual application of machine tool remanufacturing process, we also deeply realize that the implementation of effective management and monitoring of the machine lubrication system is very important.



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