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Rubber collets

The rubber chuck is a high-end product that replaces the common spring chuck. Its main features are: the rubber heat vulcanisation process, injection moulding injection moulding, polymer material bonding, not easy to fall off, service life of up to 150,000-300,000 times. The skeleton is carburised and quenched, with a hardness of 58°C-62°C. The deep cooling treatment ensures the hardness of the collet as well as the stability of the collet and improves its service life. The clamping aperture is ground and shaped at once, with a rotational accuracy of ≤0.005mm and a clamping range of ±0.5mm. The clamping rigidity and accuracy are better than those of ordinary collets. In addition, these collets are easy and quick to replace and have a large clamping range, which makes them more suitable for automated production and helps to improve production efficiency.

Rubber Sleeve

Rubber Collets can replace imported products. The skeleton of the counter-rising collet is formed by grinding once, and the metal skeleton is bonded by rubber polymer material after cutting. Bonded runout ≤ 0.005mm, higher precision, higher tightening force, to achieve uniform parallel clamping.



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